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Here are some pictures to take you away...
Mufassil Islam
Human Rights Advocate
Salam Ahmed : I was wondering how do u find the images hereafter. We could think of having a photo gallery for the page:

Bangladeshi migrant workers wait in line for food donated by a goodwill charity group for Christmas outside the Bangladeshi High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, 25 December 2007

A Bangladeshi Migrant in India

Alamgir - A famous Bangladeshi Pakistani singer

Runa Laila - A famous Bangladeshi Pakistani repat singer

Shabnam (left) - A famous Bangladeshi Pakistani film star

Suchitra Sen - Probably the most famous film actress across undivided Bengals

Bangladeshi migrant workers rally for better rights in front of Seoul Station, South Korea The illegal Bangladeshi workers? Wanting to work - A crime?

UK Curry insdustries - Dominated by Bangladeshis

How far did we go? - Tinian Islands -
The lush heliconia garden provided a magnificent backdrop for this Bangladeshi gardener robed in radiant reds and pinks. This hidden, tiny island in the Pacific boasts over 100 different nationalities, such as this intrepid migrant worker pictured here.

Building Bahrain

A Bangladeshi migrant worker flying to Dubai


Migrant on the move

Habib - Made the right choice by returning

Dr. Yunus - Most renouned repat

Bangla Town - A grovery in East London

Bibi Russel - The most famous Bangladeshi repat model/fashion designer

A Bangladeshi migrant woman and her daughter - stranded during war in Lebanon. Bangladesh Government ignores plea.

Taslima - Most controversial Bangladeshi expat?

Bridget McCain (left) - Most discussed Bangladeshi American adopted member in a family.

Bangladesh Army - in Africa

Bangladesh Cricket Team - in Australia

A Bangladeshi student abroad

An repat Bangladeshi scientist

An expat - never to return?

Partho Protim Majumder - Why are you silent?